Anne Williams

MSocSc(Coun), MEdMan, BA, DipEd

Consulting Educator

enabling positive practice

Scope of Practice

Whole school policy, practice and climate.

Effective and inclusive classroom environment.

Proactive approaches for students with particular risk factors.

Safety and learning strategies for high need individuals.

Expanding skills in positive leadership as individuals and as part of an effective team - site leaders, program focus staff, student leaders, mentors, parent leaders.

Examining the interaction of structures and culture   so that students, staff, families and volunteers feel and are safe, and able to thrive.

Analysing school policies and practices to support an optimally protective and nurturing situation for children and young people.

Increasing professional self confidence and self-awareness to build effective relationships with students, colleagues and families.

Developing  practices which are protective of children and young people, and staff.

Increasing skills and strategies in preventing and managing conflict and/or provoking behaviour in a range of contexts.


For school staff - leaders, teachers, ancillary staff, volunteers - in large or small groups, within a site or across a cluster.

For student and parent leadership groups.

Online follow-up support available.

Undertaking an external review or facilitating a local team’s evaluation in relation to:

-culture and structures supporting wellbeing and   positive relationships

- a safe learning environment, including effective behaviour management   processes and child protection.

- leadership team structure, roles and operations.

- student voice.

- communcation and relationships with parent community.

+ leadership development    

+ safe and effective school environment

+ enhancing professional relational practice

+ school-wide review of practice

+ student behaviour learning

+ professional learning workshops

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In Relation to Your Students

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+ student wellbeing for learning and living

Skilling staff to implement the strategies from positive psychology in classrooms and across the school. Enabling them to model and integrate into their program and practice capabilities, including Growth Mindset, Engagement, Gratitude, Optimism, and Broadening & Building positive emotions.

+ leadership team focussing

Facilitating senior leadership or management teams to clarify purpose, processes and strategies.